Floridian Wildlife 2

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of Apartment number 34 (since we moved in), a squirrel graced us with its presence (WHEEE!!!), and ate the Squirrel Cake offerings on our balcony (WHEEEEEE!!)!

A special visitor

A special visitor

It ate a lot of Squirrel Cake, and left a mess of sunflower seed husks and half-eaten corn kernels, and even a poop present on our balcony railing! How considerate!

So cute and small with her little baby ears

So cute and small with her little baby ears

We discovered that her favourite ingredient from the Squirrel Cake were peanuts; she would work the peanuts loose first, then the sunflower seeds, and then finally the corn kernels.


Ohm nom nom nom, making a right mess on our balcony

We think she’s a girl because she had super sticky-out nipples along her tummy – so because of that, and also because she’s a bit rotund, we’ve named her Fatty Nips (what? too crass?).

Our new friend!

Our new friend Fatty Nips 🙂

We hope she comes back soon 🙂 We’ll have a bag of peanuts ready for her next visit!


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